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Butterflies, Bunnies, and Boundaries

Published Jul 14, 2016
Explore boundaries with Bear-Paw and butterflies and bunnies with NH Fish & Game More

The Biology of Bog Bridges

Published Jul 12, 2016
This deceptively simple structure keeps hiker's feet dry and protects soft soils and wetlands. More

The Best of Both Worlds

Published Jul 1, 2016
From beach grass to water sampling, here's a few things I've learned here in my first month working with the Stewardship Network: New England! More

Keeping the "Great" in the Great Bay

Published Jun 24, 2016
The Great Bay Estuary is designated by the U.S. EPA as one of only 28 “Estuaries of National Significance.” Despite this lofty title, as of 2013 the Great Bay Estuary showed 12 of 16 negative environmental indicators. More

Working with "SELTies" and "Woodlums"

Published Jun 23, 2016
Amanda's first weeks working with Southeast Land Trust and UNH Office of Woodlands and Natural Areas. More

Stewardship Tip: To Prune or Not to Prune?

Published May 3, 2016
Pruning a trail is maintenance often done by volunteers, but sometimes deciding whether to cut branches or a whole tree can be tricky. More

Field Trip 101 Gets More People Outside

Published May 3, 2016
Volunteers get hooked on leading nature walks on neighborhood conservation land More

Field Notes: What We Know About Glossy Buckthorn

Published Apr 18, 2016
Take a closer look at this invasive forest plant and learn what land managers and stewardship volunteers can do prevent its spread. More

22 for 2!

Published Apr 11, 2016
Celebrating 2 years of The Stewardship Network: New England with 22 of our favorite photos. More

5 Reasons Volunteer Easement Monitors are Stewardship Superstars

Published Mar 21, 2016
What do conservation easement monitors do to help steward the land? More