Top 7 Tips for Safe Outdoor Volunteering During COVID-19

COVID safety hand sanitizer in pocket of volunteer

Lots of people want to contribute to their communities and volunteer in the outdoors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are the top 7 tips for safe outdoor volunteering during COVID-19, part of a free online safety training module available through Nature Groupie / UNH Extension:

1.   Don't volunteer if you are sick. 

The most important. Volunteering can wait! 

2.   Avoid carpooling. 

Normally we are all about limiting our impact by driving together, but that is not an option now. Only drive with other members of your household, and meet other volunteers at the location. 

3.   Keep 6 feet away from others.

Social distancing applies to outdoor volunteering as well. Stay 6 feet away from anyone not in your "group" that you came with.

Volunteers Standing 6ft Apart

4.   Have a mask on hand at all times.

Even if you think you'll be volunteering alone, there is a chance you'll encounter another person. Make sure to have your mask handy to put on. 

5.   Bring your own food and drink.

BYOB. And remember you might be out in the field for a little while, so make sure to bring plenty of water and food for the day. 

6.   Bring your own hand sanitizer.

An easy and important solution to making sure you don't spread the virus amongst your group. 

Hand Sanitizer in Pocket

7.   Don't share tools or supplies.

Try to bring enough tools or supplies for yourself throughout the day, or ask your volunteer coordinator for extra if there are not enough. 

More COVID-19 Safety for Outdoor Volunteering

Nature Groupie, as part of the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension, offers a short online training module for any person looking for safety training for outdoor volunteering. The training is free, and offers a Certificate of Completion to anyone completing a short survey after watching a 12.5 minute training video. 

Online Safety Training

COVID-19 Safety Training Icon for Volunteers