Support and Funders

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Nature Groupie has received support from many sponsors since our launch in 2013, including the US Forest Service, the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, the National Science Foundation/NH EPSCoR (Research Infrastructure Improvement Award # 11A-1330641 for the New England Sustainability Consortium), the US Fish & Wildlife Service, Northeast Utilities Service Company, the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation, the National Park Service Northeast Region - Rivers Trails and Conservation Assistance Program, anonymous private foundations, and private donations by individuals for projects such as our Stewardship Tool Library.

Anyone can support Nature Groupie through our gift program at UNH charitable giving!

Donate Today

The organizations below have provided ongoing and sustained support for Nature Groupie to help us involve more volunteers in caring for nature. Thank you! 

Interested in corporate or foundation sponsorship? Contact Malin Clyde, 603-862-2166.

Corporate Sponsors