About Nature Groupie


A group of outdoor enthusiasts, hands rased in celebration with stewardship tools

Our Mission

Nature Groupie empowers generations of outdoor enthusiasts to volunteer for nature in New England, because we know what a network of nature lovers can do to change the world.

What We Do

For Volunteers:

We make it easy to volunteer for nature through Nature Groupie Events. Over 200 organizations in New England post their outdoor volunteer opportunities on our calendar!

  • Become a Nature Groupie! Join our community of outdoor enthusiasts who volunteer for nature:
  • Support Nature Groupie! Buy a t-shirt, water bottle, or bandana for your dog, and show your love of nature and the outdoors. (Coming soon)

For Partners:

Our History

Nature Groupie started as a collaborative project between the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension and The Stewardship Network (TSN) in the Great Lakes. Launched as “The Stewardship Network: New England” in 2013, we successfully partnered with TSN to adapt their model of collaborative stewardship, volunteer networking, and enhanced technology to the unique needs of New England partners and volunteers.

During our startup phase, the Stewardship Network: New England raised over $680,000 in grant support from University of New Hampshire, the US Forest Service, the National Fish & Wildlife Service, the National Science Foundation, the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, Northeast Utilities Service Company, National Park Service NE Region Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program.

In 2016, we researched how and why our conservation partners valued the network, sharing what we learned in What Our Partners Say.

In 2017, we launched The Compass, a free quarterly e-newsletter providing in-depth content navigating the world of stewardship, citizen science, and volunteers.

In 2018, after four years of learning from partners and volunteers about their experiences, we changed our name to Nature Groupie to capture the energy, connection, and spirit of volunteering for nature of our New England network. Read more about how the new name will welcome to more outdoor volunteers to the world of conservation, stewardship and citizen science.

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