Get Help Hosting An Experience On This Site

Want to recruit volunteers through Nature Groupie? Here are a few tips to make sure you get the most out of the website - and your volunteer project. Working with over 200 conservation partners, we've seen volunteer events succeed when partners put these steps into action.

Bridge Building Workshop Volunteers

1. Brainstorm: Gather key partners. Our data show more partnerships = more volunteers. Be open to new ideas:  Staying Smart About Stewardship Volunteers

2. Draft a Volunteer Position Description: Use our worksheet to craft a simple description of your event so volunteers can decide if it's a good fit. Draft a Volunteer Position Description

3. Submit Your Event: Use your volunteer description to fill out our online Add an Experience form at least 2 weeks before your events. We review each submission and may suggest improvements to recruit more volunteers.

4. Review Your Listing: We'll email you once your event is approved and ready for registrations. Proofread one more time and email with any edits.

5. Share the Link: Let people know they can sign up for your events online or with their mobile device! Copy your event URL. You'll receive an automatic email with contact information for each volunteer who signs up through Nature Groupie.

6. Spread the Word: Use our list of ways to recruit volunteers and for ideas about how and where to get the word out.

7. Use our Checklist: Use our Workday 101 checklist to make sure you have all your ducks in a row before your event.

8. Free Content for You! We may create social media content like graphics or videos to boost awareness of your event. Share or re-post content from nature_groupie social media channels!

9. Send a Reminder: Contact participants via email in advance of your event to clarify plans. Use our Tips for Working with Stewardship Volunteers for more best practices.

10. Celebrate your Volunteers! Thank volunteers at the beginning, during, and after your event. Post pictures on social media to recognize volunteers. Tag #naturegroupie or @naturegroupie and we'll promote successful events to a wide audience!