We've sought to include the best stewardship resources for New England. Don't see a resource you find useful? Click here to let us know!

Preventing the Spread of Japanese Knotweed

Knotweed Best Management Practices from the NH Department of Agriculture Full Details

The Compass - Free Quarterly Newsletter

A free quarterly newsletter that navigates the world of stewardship, citizen science, and volunteers. Full Details

Seacoast Stewardship Tool Library

Link to an online signout system for a free stewardship tool loan program based in Seacoast, New Hampshire. Full Details

A Step-by-Step Guide to Reaching New Volunteers

Easy steps for recruiting more volunteers using our events calendar. Full Details

How to Map Invasives

Learn how to map invasive plants that you find to contribute to a wider effort. Full Details

Fostering a Culture of Stewardship: Leveraging the Stewardship Network Model Beyond New Hampshire

A summary of findings from meetings held with New England conservation organizations in 2016-17 considering the possible leveraging or expansion of the Stewardship Network: New England beyond New Hampshire. Full Details

Participant Input & Comments: Feb. 15, 2017 Web Meeting, "Fostering a Culture of Stewardship"

Full report of all notes and comments submitted by participants at Feb. 15, 2017 web-based meeting on Network expansion. Full Details

NH Best Management Practices for Trail Construction & Maintenance

Building trails correctly the first time will reduce maintenance needs in the future, but not eliminate them. Full Details

Directory of New England Trail Professionals and Organizations

An online database of contractors, organizations, and clubs working in New England who provide trail services, training, or volunteer opportunities. Full Details

What Our Partners Say: 2016 Stewardship Network Partner Research

Summary of results and input from 2016 TSNNE partner research efforts Full Details