How to Monitor Conservation Easements: Training Guide

Clipboard for easement monitors

Easily train volunteers to monitor conservation easements with this 30-page guide

  • How to read a conservation easement deed
  • Best practices for monitoring conservation easements
  • Important safety considerations
  • Sample volunteer monitoring form

The How to Monitor Conservation Easements Training Guide includes information for workshop instructors and organizers and materials for volunteers. Below is a list of individual items in the training guide with a brief description and notes on their use.

Instructor Materials What's this? Notes
Instructor Notes This guide will provide you with instructions on hosting and facilitating a How to Monitor Conservation Easements training for your organization/group's volunteers Includes tips for planning, recruiting volunteers, implementation, and follow-up; also includes a draft agenda and list of supplies needed
Materials for Volunteers What's This? Notes
How to Monitor Conservation Easements: Volunteer Handbook A step-by-step guide to help volunteers monitor conservation easements Provide this guide, along with the supplemental handouts below, to volunteers who are training to monitor conservation easements
Volunteer Conservation Easement Monitoring Form A sample form to be used during conservation easement monitoring This form can be used as-is or adapated as needed

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