Workday 101: Training Guide

Plants in buckets held in arms

This 13-page guide is your go-to resource for organizing a volunteer workday

  • Skills, tips and advice for organizing a volunteer workday
  • Tips for drafting a volunteer position description
  • Best practices for recruiting and working with stewardship volunteers
  • Equipment checklist, safety considerations, and more

The Workday 101 Guide includes information to help you plan your own stewardship workday from start to finish. Below is a list of individual items in the training guide with a brief description and notes on their use.

Materials What's this? Notes

Workday 101: Planning Guide

A complete guide for planning and executing a stewardship workday Includes tips for planning, recruiting volunteers, implementation, and follow-up
Tips for Working with Stewardship Volunteers Use this handout as a reference for important things to consider when working with volunteers Tips compiled from Nature Groupie and UNH Cooperative Extension staff and other partners who have decades of experience working with conservation volunteers
Drafting a Volunteer Position Description Outline of the important components, and an example of how to write
an effective volunteer position description
Useful for developing a flyer, writing a press release, or posting your event on Nature Groupie calendar
Getting the Word Out Volunteer recruitment ideas for stewardship projects Includes ideas for how and where to get the word out about your workday
Stewardship Workday Checklist A checklist of equipment and supplies to help you plan for a workday  

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