Outdoor Skills for Conservation Volunteers: Training Guide

Compass in hand

Gain confidence navigating outdoors with this 16-page guide

  • Refresher on outdoor skills for all kinds of volunteer field work
  • Interpret survey map information
  • How to read a compass and topographic map
  • Important safety considerations

The Outdoor Skills for Conservation Volunteers Guide provides skills, tips, and advice for conservation volunteers working in the field. The information in the guide can be used by volunteers to refresh skills, or by leaders and organizers to help train volunteers in skills that are important in a variety of conservation-related volunteer work.

Many of the skills described in this guide are best learned in the field from an experienced outdoors-person or in a basic orienteering course. We encourage volunteers to use this handbook as an overview or as a refresher for skills learned in the out-of-doors. This handbook is also recommended as a companion to other field-work-related guides in the Stewardship Training Guide Series, in particular How to Monitor Conservation EasementsBelow is a list of items in the training guide with a brief description and notes on their use.

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Volunteer Handbook: Skills, Tips and Advice for Working in the Field

This guide provides basic information on outdoor skills and tips for navigating outdoors Includes information on using maps, reading a compass, interpreting a survey map, and basic safety recommendations

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