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Making Training Easier for Outdoor Volunteers

Published Nov 26, 2018
Free online training guides make it easy and straightforward for anyone to organize a volunteer training workshop, learn best practices or simply brush up on their skills. More

Dog Days of Summer

Published Aug 16, 2018
Interns Drew and Alaina recap their last two weeks with Nature Groupie. More

Pulling Dandelions in the Clouds

Published Aug 13, 2018
Diane worked to engage volunteers for nature and support conservation partners during her internship this summer. Enjoy reading about her experience at a volunteer workday in the clouds at Mt. Washington State Park. More

Where the Interns Learn what "Personal Space" Means to a Seagull

Published Jul 30, 2018
Drew and Alaina have been doing a crazy amount of work in the last few weeks! Enjoy the variety of projects they've been working on with our partners, Moreno Forestry, SELT, Gulls of Appledore, and the Town of Durham. More

A Tale of Turtles and Cottontails

Published Jun 18, 2018
Working with New Hampshire State endangered wildlife species as Nature Groupie interns for outdoor volunteers in New England. More

Nature Groupie Welcomes Three Summer Interns

Published Jun 6, 2018
Welcome to UNH summer interns: Drew, Alaina and Diane More

Salamander Success: City Will Close Road to Protect Migrating Amphibians Based on Citizen Science Efforts

Published Apr 25, 2018
A wood frog makes her way across North Lincoln Street in Keene, New Hampshire. This year, she’ll have a little extra help. More

Becoming Nature Groupie: What's the Effect?

Published Apr 13, 2018
This year, the Stewardship Network: New England became Nature Groupie. We made the change to reach new people. How is it working so far? More

Expanding the Nature Groupie Community: Mapping Our Data

Published Apr 9, 2018
Nature Groupie shares data on volunteer events and subscribers through interactive maps. More

Stop Mud Season from Making your Community Trails a Mess

Published Mar 5, 2018
Tips to help your community cope with mud season More