Ways To Celebrate Earth Day 2020

Earth Day 2020 Volunteer

This year is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, and while things are different than anyone could have expected, we can still have a big impact. From your isolation bubble in New Hampshire or New England, you can still join in and take action for Earth Day 2020.

Over the next few weeks, we encourage you to take action in your own area whenever you have time. Below we have collected some ideas and resources for actions you can take.

When you take action to care for the earth, share it online with us all by using the hashtags #naturegroupie and #earthday or tag us (@naturegroupie). Some people have already started! We think we will be amazed by the big impact we can all still have!

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The Great Global (Solo) Cleanup

Sometimes a good old fashioned trash pick up is in order! Put on some gloves, grab a trash bag and help clean up your neighborhood (remember to keep social distance guidelines and wash your hands). You can even use the Earth Challenge 2020 app to report the plastic pollution you find.

Contribute Data to iNaturalist

iNaturalist is a free app that helps you learn new species and contributes to data science! The easy to use app assists with identification of any new plant or animal you find, and all the observations you make can be used for regional or global research. Learn how to use iNaturalist.

Fight An Invasive(s) Near You

We need all of you to help in the fight against invasives of all shapes and sizes, and many times they are lurking in your backyard! Springtime is a great time to identify invasive plants and figure out how to manage them. See if you might have an invasive plant near you.

Invasives can also be insects! There are two important invasive pests you can be on the watch for, Jumping Worms and Emerald Ash Borer.

Report Garlic Mustard

One particularly important invasive plant to be on the watch for is Garlic Mustard! Learn how to identify this pesky plant and report it to help us plan future pulls. Learn more about Garlic Mustard and the Garlic Mustard Challenge.

Identify Birds on Global Big Day

On May 9, join with people all over the world to collect data on birds! Using eBird (a free app designed just for identifying birds) you can easily collect sightings from your home and contribute to global conservation efforts. Learn more about Global Big Day and eBird.

Earth Day CleanUp