Jumping Worm Reporters

  • January 1–December 31

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Jumping worms or Crazy Worms are an invasive earthworm in the Northeast, though the extent of their populations are still relatively unknown. They feed ravenously on organic matter in the top layer of soil and excrete grainy-looking, hard little pellets that alter the texture and composition of soil, which could effect the plants that grow there.

You can help by looking for and reporting this invasive species!

Jumping worms may be found in gardens, compost piles or adjacent to woodlands. They tend to stay in the upper few inches of soil and are somewhat difficult to sight identify. However, they have unique and distinctive behavior! They tend to have firm bodies and writhe powerfully if you try to pick them up. Learn more about how to identify these worms and how they differ from nightcrawlers here.

If you see a jumping worm, report it below!

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*Photo courtesy of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources