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Our volunteer and training calendar is free and open to anyone to post a stewardship or citizen science experience in New England.

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What You'll Get by Posting on Nature Groupie:

  • Access to mobile-friendly, online volunteer registration. The contact person will receive an email with contact information for each registrant.
  • Promotion of your event in our weekly e-bulletin that reaches thousands of potential volunteers.
  • Assistance with best practices for volunteer recruitment. We review each submission and may suggest improvements to recruit more volunteers.

Best Practices for Volunteer Experiences:

  • Post as far ahead of time as possible - 2 weeks at a minimum.
  • Appropriate topics include volunteer workdays related to caring for land and water, projects on conserved or public lands, citizen science projects, and workshops which teach a stewardship- or science-related skill.
  • Planning a workday? Check out our new Workday 101 guide for helpful tips and tricks.
  • First time posting to the calendar? Get Help Hosting an Experience on this Site.

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Please provide a detailed title for your event (e.g. Garlic Mustard Workday, Habitat Restoration for Cottontail Rabbits, Rain Garden Installation Workday, etc.)

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