Nine Ways to Bring Nature Home (Literally)

Pine Trees

The COVID epidemic has brought us social distancing and more time in our homes. We may be feeling both isolated and disconnected from nature. However, it's been encouraging to see the creativity at play among the conservation community to bring nature into our homes, backyards or our computers! Here are nine of our favorites that make us feel more in touch with the natural world. We hope they give you the same smiles we got at Nature Groupie!

1. Wildlife Q & A

It's definitely feeling like spring and wildlife is starting to move about more. NH Audubon is taking this opportunity to have Facebook Live Question & Answers about animals, where you can learn more and ask any questions you have! Check out this one about painted turtles and keep an eye out for more.

2. Minking Around

Speaking of wildlife, this mink seems to perfectly represent how we are all starting to feel. It was spotted by the Hancock Wildlife Camera. 

Mind Video
Photo from Hancock Wildlife Camera

3. Live Wildlife

A few other (further away) live wildlife cameras we have been enjoying lately for more taste of wildlife and some soothing entertainment:

4. How to get the Best Bird Photos at your Feeder

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has collected these tips to keep in mind when you can set up your bird feeder to achieve great bird photos, and they have some beautiful photo examples!


5. The Worst Weather in the World

For anyone who is missing the mountains these days or is really into meteorology, the Mount Washington Observatory is doing a Facebook Live series they are calling Home of the World's Worst Weather Live
Mount Washington Summit Weather
Photo by Mount Washington Observatory

6. Be Local Photo Challenge

To help you see the beauty right around your home, The Nature Conservancy in New Hampshire is hosting this 30 Day Be Local Photo Challenge - an awesome way to #staylocal! Post your favorite photos of an outside place you are loving a little more these days.
TNC Photo Challenge
Photo from The Nature Conservancy in New Hampshire

7. Your Own Nature Inspired Art

For any artists out there, Hannah Ellingwood created these beautiful nature themed coloring pages for your enjoyment!
Bettle Coloring Page
Photo by Hannah Ellingwood

8. & 9. And for a little comic relief:

NH Fish and Game got us all on April Fools day with the new species they 'discovered' - check it out (I bet you have one at home).
And this is easily the best social distancing guide we have seen yet, courtesy of the National Park Service.
Social Distancing Guide
Photo by the National Park Service