Introducing Nature Groupie's 2023 Interns

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Daniel Ehrsam

My name is Daniel, I am an Air Force veteran and Wildlife and Conservation Biology senior at UNH. I am interning with Nature Groupie for Summer 2023 and am looking forward to the various conservation projects I will be working on with different organizations around New Hampshire.

I’m originally from Lancaster, PA where my love of nature and wildlife was fostered by my grandfather as well as the surrounding natural setting found in parts of rural Pennsylvania. After separating from the military, I moved to Andover, Massachusetts for a job as a meteorologist, which is what I did in the Air Force, even though that wasn’t my passion in life. Once the Covid pandemic hit, I saw an opportunity to hit the reset button and decided to put my G.I. Bill to good use and finally finish my undergraduate degree in my 30’s. This is when I found the wildlife and conservation biology program at UNH. I knew deep down I always wanted to work with wildlife and the outdoors, and the prospect of conservation of both wildlife and natural resources spoke to me in a way that no job opportunity ever had before. So far, my time at UNH has been both inspiring to be around like-minded people, as well as self-fulfilling to be able to continue to serve and give back in a way that goes beyond just the protection of people.

I’m excited to join Nature Groupie before going into my final year of school as it will give me a great chance to learn tangible skills in the field, as well as multiple networking opportunities to branch out and connect with other organizations. Knowing that I will be working with various stewardship and conservation projects reminds me that the world is bigger than just our small bubble, and if we join together, we can help save all that call Earth home.

Jason Reyes

My name is Jason, and I am a rising senior majoring in Wildlife Conservation Biology and minoring in Forestry at UNH. I am thrilled to be working with Nature Groupie this summer to experience fulfilling environmental stewardship projects around New Hampshire, giving me the chance to meet so many different yet like-minded people, and put all of what I have learned at UNH to great use.

I was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and grew up in a smaller city bordering Boston named Newton, Massachusetts. Being from a more city setting, there was not a great deal of opportunity to get outside, but the Charles River bike path, along with other local green spaces provided many fishing, birding, and hiking opportunities. Once I realized that the outdoors was my true solitude and nirvana, I made it a point to want to dedicate lots of my time to caring for it, which led me to study natural resources at UNH. My time at UNH has increased my knowledge, understanding, and appreciation for the outdoor world immensely, learning about plant and animal identification, wildlife and forestry habitats and ecology, and plenty of other subjects.

I know that this summer will not only be a large step in my professional life, providing me with many different real-world opportunities and connections, but I also hope to instill the same type of love and passion for the outdoors and natural resources in people who did not know they had it in them. This summer will be filled with so many fun and exciting projects and I am eager to see what is in store!

Maddy Smith

My name is Maddy and I am a rising senior studying Environmental Conservation & Sustainability and Political Science at UNH. I was interested in the Nature Groupie internship because I have volunteered through them before and I liked the energy the people had, so I thought it would be a fun place for me to explore my passions in fieldwork this summer. 

I have lived my whole life in Lyndeborough, New Hampshire. It is a small town with lots of forests, fields, mountains, and waterfalls that I explored as a child. This time I spent outdoors influenced my field of study. I learned at a young age about the threats facing our environment and wanted to do something about that so I could continue revisiting the places I spent my time growing up and share them with the people close to me. I went to UNH because of its robust natural resources knowledge and prime location to study the area I have known and loved. I have learned a great deal about ecology, biology, development, sustainability, and policy that is relevant to doing work in this sector. 

I have worked on stewardship in the past and am excited to continue doing work that is fulfilling. I am looking forward to this summer’s broad range of experiences allowing me to make meaningful connections, develop my skills, and hone my passions to guide me toward what will come next!

Sam Giudice

My name is Sam and I am an incoming senior studying Communication at the University of New Hampshire. I am thrilled to be able to work with Nature Groupie this summer as their Communication and Outreach intern. Through this opportunity, I will be working to create meaningful content for the organization's social media and website, as well as attending local events around NH to spread awareness and build interest in volunteering. 

I grew up in Newington, Connecticut, and I chose to attend UNH in an effort to step outside of my comfort zone and form meaningful relationships. I've always loved spending time outside, taking pictures, and using social media, so when I learned about this internship, I was eager to apply. I can't wait to explore new things and learn all while doing the things I enjoy. I am confident that throughout, my time this summer I will be able to make connections and become a better version of myself all thanks to UNH Extension and Nature Groupie.