A Rogers tree measurements

Alaina Rogers

Summer Intern, 2018

My name is Alaina Rogers, and I am an Environmental Conservation and Sustainability student at the University of New Hampshire.  This internship will fall in the middle of my junior year, and I will get to work on several exciting environmental projects. These will include working with New Hampshire’s endangered New England Cottontail, managing invasive species, working on a gull study, and more. I am excited about the diversity of the projects and am positive there will be much to learn and share here!

I have the opportunity to work with:

I grew up in a small town in Augusta, Missouri; actually, it was a farm outside of the town where we raised cows and chickens and grew our own vegetables. I remember spending hours wandering through our woods in the humid summer days—enjoying the sunlight seeping through the tree canopy—and settling on a rock to journal or just listen. I moved to New Hampshire seven years ago, and after losing the connection I have with nature for a while, re-discovered it in the New Hampshire forests. That’s why I am studying here at UNH, to learn how to connect people to the world around them in a way that is sustainable and life-giving.

In my free time this summer, I plan to hike with my husband most weekends, continue to practice playing my guitar, and keep reading the fantasy book series “Wheel of Time.” We also joined an Ultimate Frisbee League, just to be outside a little in the amazing New England summers! 

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