Introducing the Nature Groupie Interns for 2018

NG Interns 2018 Group Photo on porch

Over the summer in 2018, Nature Groupie will work with three UNH undergraduate interns: Alaina Rogers, Drew Parker, and Diane DeVries. Alaina and Drew will conduct field work with partner agencies on conservation projects in the Seacoast region. Diane will work on marketing and community outreach for Nature Groupie. Check out their bios and link to stories about their internship experiences below. Welcome Alaina, Drew and Diane!

Alaina Rogers

Alaina Rogers Profile

My name is Alaina Rogers, and I am an Environmental Conservation and Sustainability student at the University of New Hampshire.  This internship will fall in the middle of my junior year, and I will get to work on several exciting environmental projects. These will include working with New Hampshire’s endangered New England Cottontail, managing invasive species, working on a gull study, and more. I am excited about the diversity of the projects and am positive there will be much to learn and share here!

I have the opportunity to work with:

I grew up in a small town in Augusta, Missouri; actually, it was a farm outside of the town where we raised cows and chickens and grew our own vegetables. I remember spending hours wandering through our woods in the humid summer days—enjoying the sunlight seeping through the tree canopy—and settling on a rock to journal or just listen. I moved to New Hampshire seven years ago, and after losing the connection I have with nature for a while, re-discovered it in the New Hampshire forests. That’s why I am studying here at UNH, to learn how to connect people to the world around them in a way that is sustainable and life-giving.

In my free time this summer, I plan to hike with my husband most weekends, continue to practice playing my guitar, and keep reading the fantasy book series “Wheel of Time.” We also joined an Ultimate Frisbee League, just to be outside a little in the amazing New England summers! I am looking forward to working with Nature Groupie over the next ten weeks, learning from their partners, and sharing about those experiences with you!

Drew Parker

Drew Parker Profile

My name is Drew Parker and I am currently a senior Environmental Conservation and Sustainability major at the University of New Hampshire. I am delighted to be working with Nature Groupie as a summer intern, completing projects with state, local, and private agencies for the conservation and sustainability of natural resources in the Seacoast region. Some of the agencies I am particularly excited to interact with are: the NH Fish and Game Department, the Southeast Land Trust (SELT), and the UNH Shoals Marine Laboratory.

I was born and raised just outside of Atlanta, GA where I developed a love and passion for the natural sciences and the outdoors through Scouting. As a young child, I fell in love with New Hampshire on a family vacation and always knew I wanted to return. After serving five years in the Marine Corps, I decided to move to here and attend UNH; fulfilling my dream of living in the Granite State.

I am very excited to apply the knowledge and skills I have gained through my coursework to engage individuals and local communities in practical conservation projects with Nature Groupie’s partner agencies. I look forward to seeing people connect with their local communities and enjoy the aesthetic and tangible benefits provided by nature. One class I have enjoyed was Conservation Biology, where we learned about the importance of conserving biodiversity. I can’t wait to seeing how our partner agencies are incorporating this in their work. I am hopeful that the hands-on experience and contacts I gain from this internship will help guide my future career in the conservation and sustainable use of our natural resources in the region.

Diane DeVries

Diane DeVries Profile

My name is Diane DeVries and I am the summer outreach intern for Nature Groupie. This summer I will have a great opportunity to support marketing and communications for Nature Groupie, an initiative of UNH Cooperative Extension that mobilizes outdoor enthusiasts to volunteer for nature.

I will be working on the following:

  • Composing weekly email newsletter, and assisting conservation partners
  • Managing technology to assist in event postings and volunteer registration
  • Marketing resources and merchandise through online platforms
  • Spreading the word on how to become a Nature Groupie

I grew up in Lebanon, ME on a small farm, exploring nature with my family, hiking and fishing throughout Maine and New Hampshire, paddling and biking around the Seacoast, riding horses, and relaxing with my animals. I received my BA in English from the University of Southern Maine and spent the last several years in marketing and graphic design. I ran my own graphic design and website development company, served on the boards of several local organizations, and spent much of my free time volunteering with many groups and singing with the Granite State Choral Society.

I express my love of nature through supporting our national forests, visiting science centers, and hiking trails in our parks and conservation land. I have learned to stop and watch as things grow and take shape. This process has inspired me to gain a better understanding of our environment and take a more elevated stance to protect our natural resources.

I am currently studying Environmental Science at UNH. I hope to understand the effect that human society has on the world and to develop solutions that preserve the environment, while maintaining the lives of the wildlife and people in it. I want to collaborate with others in the science community who bring similar talents, passions, and mindset to learn how to preserve ecosystems and minimize human impact on the natural world. Additionally, I am drawn to UNH for the opportunities the university provides to work with a diverse group of people in a respectful environment. My experience in business has taught me the importance of ambition, empathy, and accountability, and I am excited for the opportunity to demonstrate these values at UNH while committing to my studies and research.

I am excited for the experience I’ll receive over the summer working with Nature Groupie. I’m looking forward to expanding my network and learning more about the agencies partnering with UNH Extension.

Summer internships at Nature Groupie are made possible by a generous grant from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, supporting the creation of a culture of stewardship in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Charitable Foundation