Tools for Event Coordinators

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We're always working behind the scenes to make it easier to collaborate with volunteers. Two features on the Nature Groupie website are aimed at simplifying the process of tracking event sign-ups and ensuring a welcoming environment at your event. 

Automatic Registration Lists

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Since the inception of Nature Groupie, many coordinators have requested comprehensive lists of registrants. We get that it's a challenge to manage individual sign-up emails and manually transfer information to your own spreadsheet for centralized viewing. 

Every event coordinator will automatically receive an emailed list of volunteers signed up for an event (including their contact information) four (4) days and one (1) day before the event. The data will be attached to the email in a .CSV file, making it easier to review and integrate into your record-keeping system. These lists are intended to serve as reminders to reach out to volunteers before the event, reminding them of the date, location, time, and any items they may need to bring. In the midst of busy schedules, reminders can be invaluable!

Pronouns on the Sign Up Form

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Nature Groupie streamlines the volunteer sign-up process by having volunteers fill out a simple form with their name and email. To ensure everyone feels comfortable at events, we have introduced a new field called "pronouns." Volunteers can now choose to share their pronouns (e.g., she/her, he/him, they/them) when signing up. As the event contact, you will also receive a copy of their pronouns in the automatic emails.

We are continuously striving to enhance the volunteer experience in New Hampshire and make volunteering accessible to all. If you have suggestions for further improvements or features that would facilitate your role, please do not hesitate to share them with us!