Sign-Up Lists: Nature Groupie Adds New Feature for Volunteer Managers

Clean Up Volunteers

For those posting experiences on the Nature Groupie calendar, a new feature will help you keep track of volunteers signing up through the website. 

We've heard for years that it can be tricky to keep track of all the emails a volunteer manager receives each time a volunteer signs up for an event. We finally found a solution: as of this summer, volunteers managers will receive an automated email with attached spreadsheet listing all volunteers registering for the event, including name, email and phone number. The (CSV format) spreadsheet will be sent twice: once 4 days before the event and a second time 24 hours before.  

Volunteer managers will still receive automated emails every time new volunteers signed up for their event, including volunteer contact information in a text format. The addition of the new spreadsheets allow those recruiting large numbers through Nature Groupie to more easily keep track of volunteers. 

As one volunteer manager put it, "We sometimes get 50+ volunteers for our beach clean ups at the Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge, all recruited through Nature Groupie. It's great to have the new automated spreadsheet to help us manage things." 

The spreadsheets will automatically send to the listed contact email for each event.