22 for 2!

photo collage of volunteers working

If I said the first two years of Nature Groupie have been an amazing adventure in connecting with volunteers, working collaboratively with partners, and helping others to steward the lands and waters of New Hampshire - it would be an understatement. Thanks to the collaboration among over 135 contributing organizations, we've been lucky enough to spend the last 24 months growing to a network of over 1,800 members. Since launching in April 2014, more than 413 volunteer workdays and events have been promoted through the Network, covering topics ranging from wildlife and plants, to land management and citizen science.

We've heard from volunteers who discovered a passion for natural resources they didn't know they had, and from partners who were able to connect with people they otherwise wouldn't have reached. We've pulled invasive plants with middle school classrooms, collected data with local landowners, and planted shrubs with families. And in-between it all are a lot of really special moments made up of stewardship, science, inquisitiveness, enthusiasm, and community. So, to celebrate the first 2 years of The Stewardship Network: New England, here are 22 of our favorite photo-captured moments.

Stewardship written in text
volunteer with wheel barrow
group of volunteers holding weed wenches
group of volunteers posing with hands in the air
Group holding rabbit pellets
volunteer using a compass
volunteer written in text
children wearing work gloves
excited group of volunteers
group of volunteers on rocks along the ocean
volunteers looking at grasses
volunteer holding buckthorn
citizen science written in text
volunteers planting vegetation
volunteers holding garlic mustard
youth volunteer
volunteers with a work day sign
volunteers with weed wenches
Community written out in text
Girl holding walking stick bug
Smiling volunteer
volunteer holding roots
Volunteers collecting samples
glossy buckthorn volunteer holding weed wench
people on a nature walk
Thank you written in text
Nature Groupie staff photo

From The Stewardship Network: New England team, thank you to all of you who helped make the first two years of the Network so great!