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Want to help with science research on behalf of the environment? Citizen science projects need your help - counting species, monitoring water and weather and more. Sort by state, how much time you can spend, or topic to find the best project for you!

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Feature Story

From Watchers to Catchers

Intern Megan Verfaille's take on the UNH Storm Watchers project. More

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NH Rabbit Reports

Have you seen a rabbit? Become a citizen scientist and help us learn about rabbits in NH! More

NH Turkey Brood Survey

Each year, turkey flocks move about New Hampshire and Fish and Game needs volunteers to record flock sightings during both the summer and winter seasons. More

NorthWoods Reptile and Amphibian Monitoring

An effort coordinated by the NorthWoods Stewardship Center to improve reptile and amphibian survey records for counties in northern Vermont, as part of the Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas. More

Picture Post

A program and technique for conducting environmental monitoring through digital photography. More

Piping Plover Monitoring

Piping Plovers are endangered and need their nests protected. NH Fish and Game requires help with daily monitoring and education efforts. More

Plant Conservation Volunteer Corps

The New England Wildflower Society works with volunteer naturalists to collect data on the status of rare plants throughout New England. More

Project Nighthawk

Biologists are trying to determine the reason for a drastic decline in the Common Nighthawk population in NH. Help this cause by spending some summer evenings searching the twilight sky for them in the few NH towns where they still breed. More

Reptile and Amphibian Reporting Program (RAARP)

RAARP is a program coordinated by the NH Fish and Game Nongame & Endangered Wildlife Program where volunteers report sightings of reptiles and amphibians. Recorded observations are used to determine the distribution of all reptiles and amphibians within New Hampshire. More

Rusty Blackbird Spring Migration Blitz

Blitz for Blackbirds! Take part in this international effort to learn more about the Rusty Blackbird during its northward migration. More

Salamander Crossing Brigades

Assist salamanders and frogs as they travel to vernal pools for breeding. More