Spotted Salamander in hand

Salamander Crossing Brigades

Harris Center for Conservation Education

  • March 1–May 31

This is an ongoing Citizen Science Experience. Contact the sponsoring organization to join in.



High Adventure





Assist salamanders and frogs as they travel to vernal pools for breeding. The Harris Center for Conservation Education trains volunteers to count migrating amphibians and to move the animals safely across roads during one or more nights each spring.

Project Goal?
The goal of this program is to reduce road mortality associated with the spring amphibian migration, and to collect data that can be used to inform long-term wildlife conservation efforts.

Where does this project take place? 
The Harris Center actively coordinates Salamander Crossing Brigade efforts at multiple locations throughout southwestern New Hampshire. In order to help volunteers find amphibian road crossing sites that are close to home and in hopes of helping volunteers in other parts of the state connect with one another, we also collect and share information on crossing locations throughout New Hampshire and maintain a list of other crossing brigade programs in the Northeast on our website

When can volunteers participate?
Fieldwork for this project takes place on roads on the first warm, rainy nights of spring.

Is training needed to participate?
Attend one free training (on zoom), posted on Nature Groupie in spring.

Who is this project ideal for?
Adults and families with children elementary-school-age and up. 

How to get stated?
We recommend starting with our Salamander Crossing Brigade FAQ. After that, sign up to attend a training or use the self-guided training materials available at

Salamander Crossing Brigades Website

Questions? Contact: 
Brett Amy Thelen;; (603) 525-3394