Monitor Climate Change Overtime

Climate Change Observatory Network: Help Document Change Over Time

Southern Maine Conservation Collaborative

  • January 1–December 31

This is an ongoing Citizen Science Experience. Contact the sponsoring organization to join in.



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Help Document Change Over Time. A Climate Change Observatory (CCO) site crowdsources photos to create a time lapse video that helps monitor and document environmental changes that occur over time at a specific location. People are invited to participate by locating a CCO site, placing their mobile device on the photo bracket, taking a photo and uploading it to Chronolog via email (NO App download or account set up is required). Simple 1-2-3 directions are posted on the instructional sign at each CCO site. When the participant uploads a photo, the Chronolog platform adds the photo to the CCO project’s time lapse video, and emails the participant the time lapse video they just contributed to, along with information about the CCO project site. They can then learn more about the CCO project site and the organization that stewards the land/water that the CCO site is located at, as well as share the link and encourage others to participate. The crowdsourced observations collected and processed into a time lapse video improve our collective understanding of environmental changes occurring in our communities and can help build more climate resiliency with input from multiple stakeholders.

Project Goal?
To assist with the observation, measurement and documentation of long-term climate change trends, and climate adaption projects in Maine. 

Where does the project take place? 
Scattered across Maine. 

When can volunteers participate?

Training needed to participate?

Who is this project idea for?
Families, Youth or Adults 

How to get started?
Visit the project website below:

Find a CCO Site Near You

Questions? Contact:
Southern Maine Conservation Collaborative,