smiling volunteer measuring snow

Community Snow Observations - AMC Community Science

  • November 1–April 30

This is an ongoing Citizen Science Experience. Contact the sponsoring organization to join in.



High Adventure





The Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) is collaborating with Community Snow Observations to promote snow science in the Northeast! Community Snow Observations is a campaign that encourages folks who love winter to take snow depth observations as they're out recreating.

Project Goal?
Provide scientists with key information about snowfall and water runoff across the Northeast! Together we can help understand how changing winters are impacting backcounty recreation, flood and avalanche risks, the local ecology and more!

Where does the project take place?
Anywhere in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York!

When can volunteers participate?
Winter time - whenever there is snow on the ground! Generally January - April, October - December. 

Is training needed to participate?
None needed - but online resources are available for those interested. 

Who is this project ideal for?
Winter Lovers!

How to get started?
Visit the project website: 
Record Snow Observations with AMC Community Science

Questions? Contact: 
Kyler Phillips,