Gulls of Appledore Volunteers

Gulls of Appledore

Mass Audubon

  • January 1–December 31

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Volunteers for the Gulls of Appledore project report sightings of banded Herring and Great Black-Backed Gulls. This research relies on people like you–birders, beach goers, casual observers, to report banded birds! By reporting gull sightings of banded gulls from sites along the New England coast you will be helping the study of seabird ecology on the Maine island of Appledore. Sightings of banded birds contribute important information about survival, longevity, habitat use, movement, and population trends of these two common, but under-appreciated species.  Data compiled from the volunteer sightings is a major contribution to research. Since 2004, researchers have banded over 4,000 gulls on Appledore Island in the Isles of Shoals to learn more about the behavior and ecology of Herring and Great Black-backed Gulls in the southern Gulf of Maine. The birds breed on Appledore, but travel far from the island in the off-season. We are always curious to know where these youngsters spend the years of their adolescence before returning to breed on Appledore.

All sightings of our banded gulls are valuable and so are photos and reports of what you observe them doing. You can be involved casually, reporting when you happen to see one of our birds, or you can seek out gulls consistently and on a regular basis. 

Gulls of Appledore Website

Project Goal?
To learn more about the behavior and ecology of Herring and Great Black-backed Gulls

Where does the project take place?

When can volunteers participate?
Anytime you see a banded gull!

Is training needed to participate?

Who is this project ideal for?
Folks who spend time by the coast. 

How to get started?
Search out gulls near you. 

Questions? Contact: 
Sarah Courchesne,