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Want to help with science research on behalf of the environment? Citizen science projects need your help - counting species, monitoring water and weather and more. Sort by state, how much time you can spend, or topic to find the best project for you!

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Feature Story

2014 Volunteer Highlights

Since launching our website in April 2014, The Stewardship Network: New England has promoted 164 stewardship and citizen science events that logged 4,691 volunteer hours for conservation organizations. More

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Maine Brook Trout Survey

Anglers needed to find and document new populations of wild and sea run brook trout. More

Maine Butterfly Survey

By marshaling the efforts of professional and citizen scientists from across Maine, the Maine Butterfly Survey aims to increase scientific knowledge on the status and distribution of Maine’s butterfly fauna, as well as geographic priorities for conservation. More

Maine Loon Project

Provide an excellent “snapshot” of Maine’s loon population by counting loons the third Saturday of each July. More

Maine Wild Leek Project

The purpose of the Maine Wild Leek Project is to educate about wild leeks and to document the distribution of wild leeks in Maine as well as the relative size of given populations. This documentation will help the Maine Natural Areas Program expand their knowledge of wild leeks and improve opportunities for its conservation. More

Marine Invader Monitoring and Information Collaborative

Protect the marine environment of the Piscataqua Region by becoming involved in a citizen science monitoring project. We are hoping to provide valuable data about invasive species in our waters, have some fun looking at the marine environment, and help share the story of invasive species. More

Mountain Birdwatch

Mountain Birdwatch is a long-term monitoring program for Bicknell’s Thrush and other high-elevation forest birds in the Adirondacks, Catskills, Green and White Mountains, and Maine. More

New Hampshire Lakes Lay Monitoring Program

Working in association with lake associations, this program trains and works with volunteers to conduct water quality monitoring sampling on lakes throughout New Hampshire. More

New Hampshire Rivers Council River Runners

Help stop aquatic plant infestations by becoming a River Runner. After learning what to look for spend your river time keeping an eye out for invasive species. More

NH Bat Counts

New Hampshire’s two most common bat species, the little brown bat and the big brown bat, use buildings as their summer roosts. NH Fish & Game and NH Audubon need help monitoring these “maternity colonies” to give biologists a sense of how bat populations are doing. More

NH Big Tree Program

NH’s Big Tree Program recognizes and records the state’s biggest champions. More