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NH BioBlitz: Fitzwilliam

Fitzwilliam Conservation Commission

Fitzwilliam, NH 03447
United States

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About the Event

Mark your calendars for the second weekend of June because the Fitzwilliam, NH Conservation Commission is calling all nature enthusiasts, curious minds, and wildlife lovers to join our biodiversity BioBlitz! We'll be counting everything we see, and celebrating the rich biodiversity that surrounds us, but this isn't just about ticking off a list of species; it's also about creating a clearer picture of the connection between us and our environment.

It's easy to get involved! All iNaturalist observations submitted within Fitzwilliam on June 15th and 16th will be automatically added to this project. Just have a few minutes free that weekend? Totally fine, just grab a picture or two on the go. Want to make a day of it? Bring some water and snacks and come hang out with us for the day! Whether it’s one species or one hundred, every observation increases our understanding of the natural world, and we welcome participants to engage with this project at your convenience.

The goal of the BioBlitz is to create a biodiversity snapshot of Fitzwilliam, NH by logging as many organisms on iNaturalist as we can over the course of two-days. The more the merrier!

The following optional in-person events will take place Saturday, June 15th:

  • Woodland Walk at Widow Gage Town Forest, Rhododendron Road from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. Meet at trailhead (42.77346, -72.20773) at 9:00 am.
  • Wetlands Exploration at Katie Metzger Town Forest from 2:00-5:00 pm. Meet at the trailhead on Route 119 (42.75993, -72.20148); rubber boots not required.

However, any organisms recorded over the weekend in Fitzwilliam will be counted and if you’re more introverted please feel free to fly solo or with a small group for this event. New to iNaturalist? Click here to create a free account today and learn how to get started.

This Community Science Biodiversity BioBlitz is sponsored by the Fitzwilliam, NH Conservation Commission in partnership with Moosewood Ecological.

What to bring

You or someone in your group should have a phone or digital camera on-hand and a free iNaturalist account. If you don't have an account we're happy to help you get set up at any of our in-person events! BYO snacks and water if you're making a day of it :)


Contact Steven Lamonde at or 339-236-1421.

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