Eastern Bluebird

Bird Nest Identification and Birdhouse Restoration Workday

The Nature Conservancy

112 Bay Road
Newmarket, NH 03857
United States

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About the Event

Native, cavity-nesting birds such as Eastern Bluebirds, Tree swallows and House wrens often compete with aggressive, non-native birds like European starlings and House sparrows. Identifying which birds are using the birdhouses at Lubberland Creek will help us determine whether or not these non-native birds are posing a threat on the preserve. Volunteers who attend this event will learn more about cavity-nesting birds and nest identification. We will also clean old nests out of boxes, repair houses using hand tools, and prepare them for birds returning in the spring.

What to bring

Volunteers should come wearing warm clothing and footwear suitable for walking moderate distances (within a 30-acre field). Please bring plenty of water as the office is undergoing renovations and there is no place to refill bottles. Snacks will be provided!

Youth Instructions

This event is suitable for adults 18 years and older.


Contact Charlotte Harding at c.j.harding@tnc.org or 862-432-5890.

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