Odiorne Field Trip: Perennial Pepperweed in Coastal Habitats

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Odiorne State Park, 570 Ocean Blvd
Rye, NH 03870
United States

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About the Event

There’s a new plant spreading in New Hampshire’s & Maine’s coastal marshes – Perennial Pepperweed. Natural resource professionals or volunteers working near the coast in NH or ME should get to know this plant!

Pepperweed is a relatively new invasive plant to this region, though it is well established just to our south in Massachusetts. Given our proximity, we have a special responsibility to contain and monitor for Pepperweed in the marsh and coastal habitats of New Hampshire and Maine. Extension and Maine’s Natural Areas Program are collaborating with the US Fish and Wildlife Service on a new project to map Pepperweed in NH & ME and work towards eradication.

On this field trip, you’ll see the small population of Perennial Pepperweed in Odiorne State Park, to better understand how to recognize this plant and where it is likely to grow. You’ll be able to touch and smell the plant, and afterwards, you’ll have a chance to pull several plants (yes, this is also a mini-workday)! Due to the sensitivity of the coastal marsh habitat, space in this workshop will be limited. Register today to save your spot.

What to bring

Comfortable shoes, clothes appropriate for the field (sun and bug protection), hat, water bottle.


Contact Malin Clyde at or 603-696-3221.

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