Garlic Mustard

Keene Garlic Mustard Pull I

Conservation Commisison of Keene, New Hampshire

270 Beaver Street
Keene, NH 03431
United States

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About the Event

The Conservation Commission of the City of Keene invites your participation in the Garlic Mustard Challenge! Garlic Mustard is one of several invasive plant species that are becoming more common in our area, which together are posing an increasing threat to local ecosystems. Luckily, it is fun and easy to pull!

The city will be hosting two garlic mustard pulls in lots adjacent to Beaver Street in Keene - join to help remove this invasive plant!

COVID19 Safety

Wondering how to make sure you keep yourself and others safe during this time? Nature Groupie has created a quick, free training to help you stay healthy.

What to bring

Long sleeve shirts and pants Gloves (optional)


Contact Bobby Williams at or 603-338-7733.

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