Garlic Mustard plant

Garlic Mustard Pull and Tasting

Sudbury Valley Trustees and Open Spirit Framingham

Open Spirit, 39 Edwards St
Framingham, MA 01701
United States

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About the Event

Garlic mustard, an invasive threat to ecosystems, is also tasty and nutritious! Participants will get their hands dirty foraging for this invasive herb before gathering together to prepare simple and flavorful recipes. Katy Allen of Open Spirit will also discuss the spirituality of eating invasive plants. donation of $5 to cover costs of the food items used to make the recipes (besides the garlic mustard!) is politely requested.

What to bring

Wear clothing and shoes appropriate for being outside and for pulling up the invasive garlic mustard plants. Bring work gloves if you have them; otherwise we do have some for you to borrow.

Youth Instructions

Children are welcome to participate.


Contact Jennifer Benson at or (413) 695-5514.

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