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Using iNaturalist to Host a BioBlitz

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About the Event

A BioBlitz is a species scavenger hunt where volunteers help find and record data on different wild living things in a certain area for a set amount of time. These events can engage community members and provide useful natural resources data. Using a technology platform like iNaturalist to host your BioBlitz can make it easier to collect data, share results, and even identify species.

This event will provide an overview of how to use iNaturalist for a BioBlitz and manage a iNaturalist Project . You’ll learn how to set up a Project, how to define a Place, and explore the data.

Participants should sign up for an iNaturalist account at and download the iNaturalist app to your phone prior to the training.

What to bring

Your mobile device with iNaturalist downloaded.


Contact Charlotte Thompson at or (603) 355-2781.