Person holding an amphibian

Salamander Crossing Brigade Volunteer Training

Harris Center for Conservation Education



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About the Event

As the earth thaws and spring rains drench New Hampshire, thousands of amphibians migrate to vernal pools to breed. Sadly, many are killed when their journeys take them across roads. Every year, the Harris Center trains community scientists to serve on Salamander Crossing Brigades at amphibian road crossings throughout the Monadnock Region of southwestern New Hampshire. These heroic volunteers move migrating amphibians across roads by hand during one or more “Big Nights” each spring, keeping count as they go.

Attend this fun, information-packed volunteer training to join their ranks – or simply to learn more about the remarkable spring amphibian migration.

Although the Harris Center only actively coordinates volunteer efforts in the Monadnock Region, anyone is welcome to join the online training, which will include some tips for finding amphibian road crossings in other places, as well.

7 to 8:30 p.m. via Zoom. Closed captioning will be available. For more information on the Salamander Crossing Brigades, please visit

Youth Instructions

Youth volunteers (elementary-school age and up) are welcome, but must be accompanied by a parent.


Contact Brett Thelen at or 603-525-3394.