Volunteers pull invasives

Pull Pesky Pepperweed

Mass Audubon

Ipswich Town Hall, 25 Green Street
Ipswich, MA 01938
United States

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About the Event

Help pull pepperweed along the upper edge of salt marsh ecosystems in Ipswich Massachusetts. Help prevent the spread to new locations.

Background: Pepperweed has been growing and spreading at an alarming pace, particularly in salt marshes. Pepperweed seeds are transported with the tides, and can sprout hundreds of yards from their source. In rapidly moving currents this distance might even be a mile or so. A patch of pepperweed can grow into a dense, monoculture stand after only a few seasons, degrading wildlife habitat, and outcompeting native salt marsh vegetation.

We will meet at the Ipswich Town Hall at 25 Green Street and then travel to the pull location.

What to bring

Please bring layers of clothing, long pants and long sleeves if possible the insects are out and you will want to prevent bites! Bring water bottles, sunscreen, bug spray, waterproof boots.

Youth Instructions

We will be traveling from the meeting site at the Town Hall to the pulling location. Children (age 8 and up) who are not able to drive should be with an adult.


Contact Liz Duff at lduff@massaudubon.org or 781-392-6507.

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