Volunteers with oysters.

Oyster Workshops at Dover's Community Oyster Garden

The Nature Conservancy

6 Washington St
Dover, NH 03820
United States

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About the Event

Have you ever wondered how an oyster grows? What makes these simple creatures so important to the Great Bay ecosystem? Come learn about this and more at the Dover Community Oyster Garden!

To help restore a declining oyster population, The Nature Conservancy partnered with The City of Dover and The Children's Museum of New Hampshire to host 4 oyster cages filled with baby oysters in Dover. During the public workshops, we'll be exploring the importance and biology of oysters and learning how to collect data on how fast they're growing.

There will be interactive activities that are perfect for all ages, including exploring inside the oyster cages and looking at what types of animals and plants occur in an oyster habitat.

What to bring

It's a good idea to wear clothes you don't mind getting a little dirty and bring anything you would need for a day outside (sunscreen, bug spray, water, snacks, etc.)

Youth Instructions

Youth volunteers are welcome and encouraged to join with an adult! There will be a range of activities and presentations that guarantee there will be something for everyone.


Contact Kimberly Arlen at kimberly.arlen@tnc.org or 603-540-3883.

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