Volunteers checking property boundaries

One-Week Appalachian Trail Volunteer Vacation

Appalachian Trail Conservancy

Katahdin Iron Works Road
Brownville, ME 04414
United States

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About the Event

Join the Appalachian Trail Conservancy on September 15 - 21 and help protect the National Park Service lands adjacent to the Appalachian Trail. This public land serves as a buffer from encroaching development, and as a migratory pathway for numerous species along the eastern seaboard. Using survey maps and hand-held compasses, the crew will maintain the boundaries of NPS lands while immersed in early fall foliage. Work involves bushwhacking along the boundary and using hand-held saws and loppers to clear a line of site between survey markers, as well as repainting yellow blazes and replacing US Boundary signs. Volunteers will become very familiar with both the footpath and the land surrounding a rugged, beautiful, and remote Gulf Hagas portion of the Appalachian Trail in Maine. A day’s work involves hiking on the trail to the corridor near the work site, bushwhacking to the boundary line, working along the boundary line and then bushwhacking and hiking back – we don’t stay in the same place long!

Registrations varies, click on sign up to be redirected to the American Hiking Society website for more information.

What to bring

Volunteers should bring their own tent, sleeping bag/sleeping pad, cup/bowl/mug/eating utensils, and personal gear.

Youth Instructions

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by legal guardian on trip


Contact Dan Hale at dhale@appalachiantrail.org or 413-478-1840.

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