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About the Event

Help care for the long trail in Vermont!

A Volunteer Long Trail crew consists of four to six rotating volunteers led by a GMC Crew Leader and an Assistant Crew Leader. Volunteer crew members work for a week at a time (with the option of working single or multiple weeks) along the Long Trail/Appalachian Trail on projects such as building puncheon, turnpikes, water bars, side-hill tread, and bridges. Volunteers are based out of the Mt. Tabor Work Center in Mt. Tabor, Vermont.

Most Volunteer Crew projects are in the Green Mountain National Forest, and some are in federally designated wilderness areas. Crews work Friday through Tuesday in the field in most weather. They work with rock and lumber, as well as native timber as projects require. Crew volunteers arrive at the Mt. Tabor Work Center each Thursday and have a communal dinner with GMC staff. Friday through Monday nights, crews camp near their worksites and share a communal camp kitchen, as well as camp chores.

The GMC provides transportation to the worksite trailhead, food for the crew during the workweek, tools, personal protective equipment, and some group equipment (stove, fuel, cookware, first aid supplies), as well as some personal gear for volunteers to borrow. Communal day-off housing is available in Mt. Tabor.

What to bring

Gear List Provided Upon Acceptance

Youth Instructions

Volunteers must be 18 years or older.


Contact Lorne Currier at lcurrier@greenmountainclub.org or 802-241-8329.