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Firefly Watch with Mass Audubon

Harris Center for Conservation Education



High Adventure




About the Event

Watching fireflies brighten up fields and meadows is a summertime favorite, but did you know these dancing beetle lights are species-specific and that you can learn to read their flash patterns? Join us to learn how and why fireflies light up, how to identify them by their flash patterns, and how lightning bugs can help inform us about a wide array of environmental issues — from climate change to habitat loss, light pollution to pollinator protection. We’ll also introduce you to Mass Audubon’s nationwide Firefly Watch community science project, along with local opportunities to get involved.

This training will be online via Zoom. Closed captioning will be available. Co-sponsored by the Harris Center for Conservation Education and the Vermont Institute of Natural Science.


Contact Brett Thelen at thelen@harriscenter.org or 603-358-2065.