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Demystifying Those Confoundingly Confusing Duskywings

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About the Event

The similarity of duskywings makes them a challenging group of butterflies to identify, and differentiating these drably colored butterflies can be difficult for even experienced observers. Join George DeWolf, coordinator of the Baker Ponds Butterfly Count, for this hour-long online training that will be solely focused on the four duskywing species known to fly in NH, as well as a fifth (the Sleepy Duskywing) that's very likely to be found somewhere in the state given that it's been spotted just over the border in Maine. The presentation will include a number of tips and side-by-side comparisons of the very similar species in this tribe of butterflies.

You’ll also learn about ways to get involved with the NH Butterfly Monitoring Network, a collaborative effort led by NH Fish & Game Department engaging volunteers in counting and identifying butterflies across New Hampshire. This session is designed to take a deep dive into the duskywings and is intended for more experienced (and obsessive) identifiers. If you're new to butterflies, this training might not be a good fit for you.


Contact George DeWolf at or (603) 315-1711.