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Campton NH Wildlife Orchard Maintenance Day

U.S. Forest Service

Campton, NH 03223
United States

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About the Event

This is the second of two orchard work days (October 23 and 24). They are much more of a true wilderness experience. This one is in the area of Campton, NH. It involves some driving on gravel town roads, and then a 5 - 10 minute walk to the orchard. We carry in and out our tools and supplies.

Orchards provide a wonderful food source for our wildlife. They need care and tending by removing deadfall and encroaching tree saplings. Surrounding the orchards, we create a treeless "opening" around to provide animals small and large with a secluded and protected place to sleep and rest.

We tend to these trees by pruning, removing deadfall and encroaching saplings which eventually would choke out the fruit trees. No ladders, no climbing. We will also build small mammal habitat from out cuttings.

No experience necessary, we will train you. You don't need to be in great shape either. If you can garden, you can do this.

We will carry in loppers, bow saws and hand clippers. If you have tools, please bring them along. If you don't, I'll be bringing extras.

As this is an area that attracts wildlife, we need to be aware of ticks. Long sleeve shirt and pants, either tucked into your socks work well. Spray your clothes with Permethrin ahead of time. We also suggest spraying your backpack.

Safety is job #1 at the U.S. Forest Service. You will need to sign our volunteer service agreement and provide emergency contact information. This agreement entitles you to accident/injury insurance while volunteering for the National Forest. Your leader will inquire as to any medications and medical conditions which may affect you during the day.


This is a Forest-Service-sponsored event, hosted by a trained volunteer.

What to bring

You will need work gloves, sturdy boots, eye protection, plenty of water, lunch and a hat or sun protection and a warm jacket. Feel free to bring your own tools if you prefer. I will supply helmets for those doing work overhead.

Youth Instructions

Will need to complete a Forest Service Volunteer Application in advance, signed by parent or guardian.


Contact Bill Tarkulich at bill.tarkulich@iabsi.com or 781-799-2930.

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