Bittersweet Roots

Bittersweet Root Excavation!

Sudbury Valley Trustees

199 Whitcomb Ave
Littleton, MA 01460
United States

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About the Event

SVT's Smith Conservation Land is truly a very unique habitat. It is home to a rare turtle, vernal pools, and protected by the state's BioMap2 ranking system. It has become a popular destination for both locals and visitors to enjoy the beauty of nature. Unfortunately, 22 out of the 54 acres of the property is over-run by Bittersweet, a very aggressive invasive plant.

SVT is implementing multiple forms of control, including root excavation and repeated cutting. Volunteering at this event, you will learn how to excavate Bittersweet roots and help us battle the invasion!

COVID19 Safety

Wondering how to make sure you keep yourself and others safe during this time? Nature Groupie has created a quick, free training to help you stay healthy.

What to bring

Please bring work gloves, water, and snacks. The area we will be working in has poison ivy, so please wear long sleeves and pants! This will also help with preventing any ticks. If you have any personal tools like clippers or trowels, feel free to bring them along.

Youth Instructions

Due to the risk of poison ivy, bringing young children is not recommended.


Contact Laura Mattei at or 978-443-5588, ext.134.

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