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About the Event

The NH Butterfly Monitoring Network (NHBMN) is relatively new collaborative effort, led by NH Fish & Game and UNH Extension, to engage volunteers in counting and identifying butterflies across New Hampshire. Data collected by volunteers can contribute to our understanding of long-term trends in butterfly populations and inform conservation actions for both common and declining species. An important part of this work involves promoting volunteer participation in July Butterfly Counts, currently held in 6 locations across the state each year. There is growing interest from volunteers in helping at these fun, day-long counts, but we need volunteers to lead groups to increase our capacity and help us collect more useful data.

Join us for this training to learn more about becoming a Volunteer Guide for the NH Butterfly Monitoring Network’s July Butterfly Counts. We’ll provide an overview of the survey process, describe the role of a Volunteer Guide, and share tips for leading a group outdoors. Participants will also be introduced to documenting butterfly species and best practices for data collection. Following the training, we’ll connect you with the coordinator of a local count circle who will provide opportunities for field-based learning and will coordinate with you as a Volunteer Guide for the July Butterfly Count.

You don’t need to be an expert in butterfly identification to be a Volunteer Guide for the NH Butterfly Monitoring Network! Photographs can be taken to identify butterflies later on, using the help of technology and the support of experts already involved in the counts. Volunteer Guides just need to be excited about butterflies, willing to lead a small group outdoors, and interested in learning more.

This training is part of a series of six webinars hosted by the NH Butterfly Monitoring Network, a collaborative effort led by NH Fish & Game Department to engage volunteers in counting and identifying butterflies across New Hampshire. The series will provide information on butterflies in New Hampshire, butterfly biology and identification, and how to get involved with the NH Butterfly Monitoring Network. There is no requirement to attend other sessions to become a Volunteer Guide, but they are helpful for building skills and knowledge in butterfly identification so we encourage you to participate. For more information and to register for the session(s) you want to attend, visit naturegroupie.org.


Contact Haley Andreozzi at haley.andreozzi@unh.edu or 603-862-5327.