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Outdoor Skills Virtual Workshop

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About the Event

Bear-Paw staff and volunteers will be hosting a 3-part virtual workshop via ZOOM to be followed by an in-person event later in the year. This event is open to anyone but may be particularly useful to those who are interested in volunteering as conservation easement monitors. Topics covered will include orienting, using a compass, measuring distances by pacing, reading maps & surveys, the use of GPS and phone apps for navigation and mapping, and the application of these skills to conservation easement monitoring.

Attending all three workshops is not required but is recommended:

3/24 will cover orienting yourself on ground, use of a compass, and measuring distances by pacing.

3/31 will cover reading maps and surveys and how to apply those to easement monitoring / exploring in the woods.

4/7 will cover gps and phone apps, using them in conjunction with maps, and the benefits / risks of relying on them.

There will be no fee and the workshop is open to anyone interested. The in-person workshop held later will be limited to small groups, and preference will be given to people who have attended the virtual workshops.

What to bring

No materials necessary.


Contact Rue Teel at r.teel@bear-paw.org or 603-463-9400.