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Online Training: Join the Garlic Mustard Challenge!

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About the Event

Join this online training to learn how to get involved in the Garlic Mustard Challenge in New England in spring, 2021!

Garlic mustard is an invasive plant that is increasingly common across New England. It crowds out native wildflowers during late spring (late April-early June) and can spread into natural areas if left unchecked. Luckily, it is easy to identify and easy to hand-pull, and blooms just when we all want to get outside and make a difference!

The Challenge is a DIY volunteer opportunity for anyone wanting to help protect and conserve New England's environment. Participate alone or in small groups and report your bags pulled. Your impacts and photos will be shared on Nature Groupie's interactive online map of action! Last year, volunteer participation increased 700% (from 17 submissions to 137 submissions!); if you are looking for a fun way to help nature during the pandemic, this is your chance!

This training will offer:

  • Tips for identifying garlic mustard and where to look
  • What supplies you'll need to pull it, including safety issues
  • How to dispose of the pulled plants
  • How to report your impact to be part of the Garlic Mustard Challenge (hint: it's easy!)

Sign up to participate and we'll send you a Zoom link the day before the training.

What to bring

Yourself (this is an online event)

Youth Instructions

All ages welcome!


Contact Malin Clyde at or 603-862-2166.