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Kayak for Conservation

Windham County Natural Resources Conservation District

11 Pine St
North Walpole, NH 03451
United States

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High Adventure




About the Event

Bring a kayak, canoe, or other vessel to our first conservation kayak of the year! We will be monitoring an area in Rockingham, VT/ Walpole, NH for the invasive water chestnut. No prior experience is required! We will train you how to identify the invasive plant, remove it, and clean your vessel before and after boating.

For even more fun these events are themed!

July = shark

August = pirate

September = Friday the 13th

What to bring

Bring your kayak (with life preserver) and sunscreen and we will provide water and some snacks. July is shark month! Feel free to join us in decorating our kayaks and wearing shark outfits! Don't own a kayak? Reach out to to borrow one.

Youth Instructions

Ages 14+ welcome. Participants need to be able to swim, able to follow directions, and be able to kayak or be comfortable being in a canoe/other vessel with a parent.


Contact Isabel Bowman at or 804-441-4472.

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