Fritillary butterfly

How to Identify Fritillary and Checkerspot Butterflies

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About the Event

Join us for a four-part series to learn about NH butterflies. Spend time with other enthusiasts and gain skills to assist with citizen scientist efforts in 2023. New Hampshire Audubon is excited to partner with NH Fish and Game and Pollinator Pathways NH to collect long-term data on butterflies in the Concord Region and beyond.

This is the third training in the series. Heidi Holman, a biologist with NH Fish and Game and the Project leader, will dive into the orange and black butterflies such as the fritillaries and checkerspots.

During the series you will receive information about future training webinars and field days that will be offered in your area, including Butterfly Surveys that will take place at 6 locations across the state.

No matter what your skill level is, you are welcome to join us. Together we can help track New Hampshire's butterflies and make a difference in their conservation.

Later trainings include:

April 5: Rick Van de Poll on some of the more challenging species including the browns and skippers.


Contact Diane De Luca at or 603-224-9909.