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Nature Groupie Booth Helpers!

Nature Groupie

1-199 Academy Street
Franconia, NH 03580
United States

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About the Event

Calling all Nature Groupies! We are looking for a few people to help us at the Nature Groupie booth at the Granite Outdoor Alliance GRANITEER event in Franconia, NH on Saturday, Sept. 30, 2023 from noon - 9 pm.

We will meet lots of new outdoorsy people at this fun event - who are interested in volunteering outdoors, but want to know more. Help us talk to people about how fun it is to volunteer outdoors! No experience needed (just enthusiasm). You'll work along side our staff and we promise happy vibes!

More about this event from Granite Outdoor Alliance: Pitched as 'Octoberfest for the Outdoors', GRANITEER celebrates the NH outdoor industry by recognizing certain staples, most notably Gear, Beer, Volunteer, Cheer and Career, in no particular order. We'll do it all with dozens of vendors, job opportunities, activities, giveaways, food trucks, beer garden, kid stuff, and of course MUSIC! We're going all out so you can immerse yourself in the scene and taste a life lived outside. Opening act is Coyote Island, blending folk and psychedelic indie, hailing from our friendly neighbor Maine!

What to bring

Yourself, your enthusiasm, water and snacks.


Contact Malin Clyde at or 603-696-3221.

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