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Marston Trail Clearing and Clean-up Day

Nottingham Parks and Recreation

229 Mill Pond Road
Nottingham, NH 03290
United States

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About the Event

Our goal is to have a new walking trail at the Marston Property in Nottingham for residents to enjoy by the end of the summer! We’re looking for volunteers to construct the trail and clear debris with us. We’ll need help with everything from clearing the trail of excess leaves and branches to collecting discarded bottles and old tires. We’re also looking for individuals experienced in mechanical equipment use – such as chainsaws and tractors – to assist in clearing the larger junk items. Registration is required. If you have any questions or specialized skills or equipment, we would love to hear from you!


COVID19 Safety

Wondering how to make sure you keep yourself and others safe during this time? Nature Groupie has created a quick, free training to help you stay healthy.

What to bring

Dress for the outdoors and weather, including closed toe shoes. Please bring PPE (e.g. mask), work/garden gloves, water, bug spray, and sun screen. Tools will be provided . If you have your own, you’re invited to bring them. If you have a chainsaw, tractor, or similar vehicle that you are willing to operate in the removal of large junk such as tires and concrete, we would love to connect. Please contact us!

Youth Instructions

Families are welcome! We will have a variety of projects to participate in.


Contact Bridget Hart at recreation@nottingham-nh.gov or 603-679-3435 ext. 107.

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