Our volunteers specialize in the craft of stonework to improve recreational access to public parks and forests. Sometimes the path most travelled is the one you need to go down. In our case, that's usually true. Our volunteers focus on sustainably improving some of the most highly trafficked trails in the country. To achieve this, we work at the request of numerous non-profit organizations as well as state and national park agencies throughout the eastern United States to instruct trail workshops and build trails that will last the test of time. Our aim is simple: increase public access to natural treasures and inspire people to enjoy the benefits of our parklands.

As a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, we work the “front country”; creating or improving trails that receive heavy use from a large variety of users; from the experienced hiker or trail runner to the novice individual, family or school group interested in a casual stroll. We specialize in the creation of stone works such as staircases, retaining walls and other structures using the old world techniques of dry stone construction. Like similar structures from the ancient world that survive to this day, our work aims to continue the legacy of aesthetic and sustainable principles achieved by these early builders.