Hilltown Land Trust protects land and promotes ecological diversity and health, respectful land stewardship, historic character, and natural beauty in our hilltowns. Land stewardship involves the responsible planning and management of protected properties. Hilltown Land Trust stewards 3,600 acres of permanently protected land including 6 conservation areas that we own and 32 properties in private ownership where we hold conservation restrictions (CRs). Additional properties are added to this list each year as we protect additional land. We strive to manage these lands for the benefit of the natural systems they support while also offering opportunities for public use and enjoyment of these areas.

Monitoring and management of conservation lands includes building and maintaining trails, marking property boundaries, removing invasive species and occasional timber harvesting based on a long-term forestry plan. Monitoring all of HLT’s protected lands is a prodigious task that we are able to accomplish with a team of dedicated and experienced volunteers coordinated by our TerraCorps Land Stewardship Coordinator.